Storage Tips

5X5 approximately 25 sq. ft.

Small Closet: chest of drawers, several boxes, and lots of small items. Perfect for small office with overflow storage needs.

5X10 approximately 50 sq. ft.

Small 1 Bedroom Apartment: couch, chair, mattress set, dresser, boxes, small items and lots more.

10X10 approximately 100 sq. ft.

Larger 1 Bedroom Apartment: this unit should hold a living room set, bedroom sets, TV, dining set, plus boxes and more.

10X20 approximately 200 sq. ft.

Two Bedroom Home or a Vehicle: will hold contents of a two bedroom apartment or home plus more.

10X25 approximately 250 sq. ft.

Four Bedroom Home, a garage or Vehicle: will hold contents equivalent to a four bedroom home with appliances, living room, bedrooms, and dining sets, patio furniture etc.
Storage Tips